Hi there, I’m Lauren. As a creative director, I love guiding teams and brands in creating engaging experiences and compelling cultures – with reimagined processes, inspired identities, and multidimensional creative concepts merging the artistic and the strategic. 

My approach to creative direction is one of holism and empowerment, led by a vision of distinct presence across contexts. I specialize in helping multidisciplinary teams discover their potential and take purposeful action as we bring people together around something different. 

My experience is multidimensional: as a director in award winning agency and creative studio settings, as a consultant partnering with brands in diverse industries across the world, and as the founder of a brand with a community spanning six continents. My education reflects an intention of interdisciplinary capabilities: including Bachelor of Journalism with a focus in Strategic Communication and an emphasis in Art Direction, a minor in Business, a minor in Entrepreneurship, and a Certificate in Multicultural Studies. 

My perspective as a storyteller and ever curious explorer in life shapes my creative point of view – sparked by vision, led by observation, compelled by the potential of connection to power impact. 

Please explore my portfolio of brand identities, cultures and experiences – including original creative concepts, copy, designs and strategies for clients across the world. Let’s chat!